Body Worn Camera Docking Station Kiosk Dock DS20

Short Description:
DS20 is a dock station that can charge and upload 20pcs cameras at the same time.
It includes a touch-screen, hard disk and 20pcs USB 5pin cable.

Product Tags
Maximum Quantity of Supported Units: 20PCS

- All-metal structure, it is durable and tough ;
- Fully compatible with USB2.0, and support hot-swappable;
- 19 inch touch-screen for quick review.
- The dock can charge 20 pcs cameras via USB cable;
- Compatible with Win7/8/10 | Window Vista | Windows XP Professional | Home Edition Window98 | ME | 2000 Professional.

Main SPEC :

Name Police Body Camera Docking Station
Function Multi-units data uploading and charging
Maximum Quantity of Supported Units 20PCS
Screen 19inch infrared touch-screen
Mainboard GIGABYTE B85
CPU Intel G3250
Harddisk 60GB SDD and 4TB HDD
System Windows 7 64bit
Dimension 155x45x45cm
Weight 70KG


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